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Dr. Samuel Chu








What’s my impression of Swire Hall?


It’s a place to make friends, discover one’s talents, develop leadership skills, and learn to contribute to the wider society and the world. These words came from the bottom of my heart when I pondered “What does Swire Hall mean to hall mates and myself?”


Relationships does happen—Swire Hall is a wonderful place to make friends from different cultural backgrounds. An alumnus from the 80s said: “When I am sick, I’ll see a doctor who’s a Swirian. When my teeth ache, I’ll see a dentist who’s a Swirian. When I need to borrow money, I’ll find a Swirian who’s a banker.” The alumnus, who is now a high school principal, met and fell in love with his now wife while both of them were students at Swire. Many alumni, though have gone in their own separate ways for over 20 years, still get together regularly to catch up on life. One Swirian, now a successful entrepreneur, once said: “在家靠父母,出外靠堂友 / look to your parents for help at home and look to your hall mates for help when out and about.”


Talents is nurtured—Many students discovered their talents at Swire Hall. One dental student didn’t know about squash when she was a freshman at HKU. However, she gradually developed an interest in the sport when her hall mates showered her with endless love, patience, practices and close coaching. Nearing her penultimate year, this budding dentist made herself the second best player in the squash courts representing the HKU women squash team. Another student joined the Swire debate team and helped made the hall’s history by taking and assisting the team in various ways during the first two years he joined. Under his wing, the team went on to win the inter-hall debate competition 3 years in a row, a feat that earned the hall a name: 三連霸for three consecutive wins. He shared that the various skills he learned from debates (e.g. doing research, analytical skills, ability to preempt, and public speaking skills) have no doubt helped mold him into a capable solicitor now.


Future leaders are trained—Many Swirians have gone on to become leaders in fields of their expertise. This exceptional group of people includes, but is not limited to, senior government officials, former President of the Hong Kong Bar Association, current legislative counselor, CEOs and senior executives of private enterprises. One director of a government bureau who chaired the Student Association in the 80s said: “Had it not been for Swire Hall, I would not have become who I am today.”


Somebody who matters in society—Apart from sports and cultural teams, Swire Hall also produces civically engaged students who make an impact in society. We have a Social Responsibilities Committee (SRC), an advocacy group that promotes environmental protection, raises Swirian awareness on current affairs in Hong Kong and beyond, and engages in social services like visiting the local homeless and offering voluntary teaching overseas.


At Swire Hall, anything is possible and we await those with an audacious and adventurous heart to join us.


By Dr. Sam Chu, Warden of Swire Hall (Since 2008)

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