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Warden & Tutors 

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Mr. Carter Chim


Welcome to HKU! Welcome to Swire Hall!
Hong Kong is undoubtedly at a crossroads, so are HKU and Swire Hall.  It is against this backdrop that we live under the same roof of Swire Hall.  Inevitably, we will face unprecedented challenges, and we will hold different views on how to handle them.  However, as guided by our Hall motto “Unity and Sincerity”, Swirians always share our views and feelings with each other honestly and sincerely.  It is this kind of mutual respect that enables us to achieve unity.  Unity is the end that we always aspire to achieve.  But we achieve it not by restricting the freedom and rights of our hallmates. Instead, we rely on sincerity as the means to achieve unity.  With unity and sincerity, we will also be able to maintain the mentality of “hakuna matata” when we face various kinds of crises and controversies.
Thanks to the effort of my predecessors and thousands of alumni in the past four decades, Swire Hall has become a significant member of the HKU community.  Building on their success, we will bring Swire Hall into its 5th decade.  Together, we will make Swire Hall the best place for you to grow.  Together, we will make Swire Hall the best place for you to transform from a teenager to an adult.  Together, we will make Swire Hall the best place for you to make lifelong friends and build connections. 
I look forward to welcoming you to Swire Hall.
Carter Chim
Warden, Swire Hall


Mr. SO Jason

Senior Resident Tutor 

Mr. HUI Bryan

Resident Tutor 

Ms.CHEUNG Trista​

Senior Resident Tutor 

Miss. NG Jessie

Resident Tutor 

Mr. HO Derek 

Resident Tutor 

Miss. CHAN Cerise 

Resident Tutor 

Mr. LEUNG Henry

Junior Resident Tutor 


Ms. Ivy Wong


Ms. Martha Lau

Hall Executive

Ms. Linda Lee

Office Assistant

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