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Swire Youth 太古青年

Introduction to Swire Youth 太古青年.

Swire Youth, established in March 1981, is a publication from Swire Hall, and the publications are independent from Swire Hall Students' Association.


“Friends of Swire Youth”

This is a project that has been ongoing since its establishment in 2002.  This project enables Swire Youth publications to be mailed directly to Friends of Swire Youth.  This project’s main purpose is to inform graduated Swirians about the news of Swire Hall.






​濡悅 Eloquence

Swire Youth, Swire Hall Students' Association, HKUSU, Session 2019-2020

Yu Wing Wa, Judith
Lam Yuen Ying, Shirley
Li Yee Mei, Amber
Ng Sum Yu, Kathy
Siu Kin Hang, Bryan


Vice Editor-in-chief

General and Financial Secretary 

Publication and Publicity Secretary

Publication and Publicity Secretary